Club Meeting
Thursday, March 2 , 2017
Location: North Ridgeville Public Library

Short video on crosswind landing and takeoffs will be presented. Don't forget to attend. Door prizes! Bring your projects to show and tell or sell !!
The Lorain County Radio Control Club is an Academy of Model Aeronautics chartered club, located in Lorain County, Ohio just West of Elyria.  We are one of the largest clubs in the area with members of all ages who enjoy the hobby of radio control modeling.

If you are looking to start into the hobby or get back into it, we have several instructors who can assist you in achieving the goal of mastering radio control flight.  The instruction is absolutely free for club members.  So come out and give it a try.

Prospective members can contact a club officer or come to one of our monthly meetings to get more information on how to join and enjoy the flying season.
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